Thursday, 15 May 2008


Everyone I've mentioned this movie to says "Is that the one with Robert De Niro in?"

No, fuckbat – that's Taxi Driver.

Anyway, I put this on my LoveFilm list because I wanted my wife to enjoy it. Why? Because I thought I was adding the French original, not the flaccid US remake. Boy did I fuck up.

It's not that there's a lot wrong with it, it's more that even though it's a remake, it feels like it's been made completely by the numbers. It's no fun. It's got no heart. And while the original may not be the greatest movie ever, as a piece of escapism it's hard to beat; that and the fact that there's no CG special effects in it, too. All the driving stunts are real, unlike the US version.

Anyway, what's it all about? There's a police officer (Jimmy Fallon – never heard of him, and hopefully I won't be seeing him in anything again soon), and he's a shit driver. His driving gets him demoted, despite being the only witness to a robbery by some supposedly foxy chicks.

I say supposedly because personally, I've never found women built like Twiglets particularly attractive. But then load bearing is something I have to consider in potential partners.

I digress.

Anyway, these 'hotties' are robbing banks and getting away. Then Jimmy Fallon sees them, and he's in a taxi because he's lost his license, and Queen Latifah is the cab driver. She's the fastest cab driver in New York, too. Which if it's anything like driving in London, means she hits 10mph if she's lucky.

The two of them work together – begrudgingly on Latifah's side – and rumble the robbers, saving the day and boring the tits off audiences everywhere.

Don't rent it, watch the French one instead. At least that movie's fun.

In a side note, I remember seeing the publicity shots for a Queen Latifah film, something she did with Steve Martin – Bringing Down The House, that was it. And one picture of her showed a stunning set of legs. I can say now, with some authority, that I don't think they were hers.


lotus07 said...

The sheer premise of this film when it was in Theaters was enough to make me question why anyone would want to watch it.

I think this ranks as a career building film for Latifah and Fallon. You can't win Oscars until you have at leat 10 shit films like this under your belt.

Slyde said...

yes, i agree the movie sucked, but this one had Jennifer Espisito in it, who is a godess in my book... i can not grenade this film.

B.E. Earl said...

I agree with Slyde.

Jennifer Espisito = Hawt!!

But then I also think that Q. Latifah is hawt. Did you see her in Chicago? That's a big, beautiful woman right there.

Now she just has to come out of the closet and officially admit she is a lesbian. What's the big freakin' deal already?

badgerdaddy said...

Yeah, there's a lot of actors should be coming out. Doing what I do, you tend to hear the inside story a lot of the time on these people, but you can't print it because the studio or whoever would tie you in legal knots and ruin you.

It's a great business.