Friday, 4 September 2009

88 Minutes

You know that when a film's release date is pushed back by two years (two fucking years!), that it's gonna be bad.

I just didn't expect 88 Minutes to be as mind-numbingly horrific as it turned out to be.  The studio was right.  Well, kinda right.  They should have burned all the prints of this awful mess.  Just nullified it's very existence. 

The plot was silly.  The direction was amateurish and campy.  The premise that young women all over the Pacific Northwest are dying to sleep with Al Pacino when his is looking like a decripit ventriloquist dummy is just outright laughable.  And the performances...well, the performances are mythically bad.  Starting with Pacino and infecting everyone one around him.

And the super-secret plot twist?  Yeah, we saw that coming from around the block, assholes!  We just didn't know about the killer's motivation.  But when we finally find that out, it's "whack yourself in the head" time.  Really?  THAT'S why the killer did this? 

Holy shit, this is a bad film.  From beginning to end.  I'd trade those 88 minutes for a rectal exam any day.