Monday, 14 January 2008

Josie and the Pussycats

Don't forget, Grenadiers, that this blog is also about movies you might pick up in the DVD store and think are going to be shite, but in fact they are not. But you never pick them up because they have been badly marketed, or just... Well, look shit.

JATP is a classic example. This movie is fucking hilarious, from the boyband pastiche that opens the film (which features Seth Green and some other very recognisable young actors really taking the piss) to a quite brilliant turn by Tara Reid (yes, you read that right – she's excellent, wanna make something of it?), this movie works on multiple layers and works on every one.

First, the boyband; the DVD features their full 'videos', and there's a complete version of the spit-your-food-out funny 'Backdooor Lover' on there (it's also on the soundtrack album, Fact Fans!). Really, it's worth it for them.

Second, the cast is excellent: the aforementioned Reid, Rachel Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and the wonderful Alan Cummings. Oh, and of course… Parker Posey, who I would probably stalk if it were not for my Special Lady Wife distracting me. Pah.

The plot concerns an unscrupulous record company executive (Cummings) who is using boyband Du Jour to brainwash the masses into buying more and more consumer stuff with subliminal messages in their records that can only be heard by teens.

When Du Jour start asking questions, he disposes of them and finds the next big thing – signing Josie and her band, The Pussycats, without ever having heard their music. The girls eventually start to think something is very wrong – well, Josie (Cook) and bass player Valerie Brown (Dawson) do; Reid's drummer, Melody Valentine, has not got a clue about anything much, and should go down in history as one of the great cinematic airheads ("If I had a time machine, I'd want to go back and meet Snoopy").

What else is there? Cummings is wonderful, but then he usually is, and Posey is his even-more-nasty boss, but they both have agendas hidden from each other that come out in a bare-all ending.

It's a decent satire on modern marketing and consumerism, and it's genuinely well-made, sweet and every performance is above par. Oh, and even the music isn't bad – it is what it is, and it fits the movie perfectly. But get the DVD just for the first few minutes with Du Jour, and their video on the extras – it's worth the rental price just for that.


B.E. Earl said...

Wow. I kept reading because I thought you were going to pull the ole switcheroo and tell us how much you really hated it. Like you were messing with us.

Kinda disappointed that you weren't.

I thought this movie was a colossal piece of drek.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

lotus07 said...

I am going to try and shoehorn this movie in between my retrospective of "The Banana Splits" and the "Howdy Dowdy Show".

Slyde said...

i gotta agree with Early-poo on this one.. i hated this movie...

badgerdaddy said...

THAT'S how misunderstood this movie is!!!

Open your hearts to Josie.

i am the diva said...

i liked it.
so i'm with you Badgerdaddy. i walked around for about 3 weeks afterwards saying "Green is the new Blue".

also, ya gotta give the girls props for going to band camp and actually learning to play their instruments which is more than i can say for the Monkees who were an actual band

Paige Stanton said...

I also liked it. I was better than I thought it was going to be. Rachel Leigh Cook is just so cute!