Friday, 12 December 2008

I Know Who Killed Me

You've heard the stories.

A movie so bad that it almost makes you cry. A movie so bad that it defies all logical reasoning. A movie so bad that you almost can't believe your senses. A movie so bad that you wonder if you actually died and went to Hell and Satan himself made you watch while his minions skinned you alive.

This is that movie.

Lindsay Lohan, channeling Elizabeth Berkeley from Showgirls, plays a young woman who dreams of herself or someone who looks exactly like her who is being tortured at the hands of a madman. But everything that happens to her double also happens to her. Including the radical removal of her right hand and her right leg below the knee. It's okay though. She gets some really badass bionic prosthetics to make up for the loss. Seriously.

She winds up in the hospital where her parents come to claim her. But she has never seen them before. They think she is their suburban perfect teen aged daughter. An aspiring writer. She thinks she's the stripper daughter of a heroin addict who died years ago. Oh, sweet agony...which one is right?

So is she crazy? Is she making it all up? Has her traumatic torture forced her to create an alter-ego to deal with the pain? Or does she have a stigmatic twin? A twin sister who experiences all the same pain and feelings that she does, and vice versa. The mind boggles.

While the mind is, um, boggling, the film is degenerating into an absolute fucking mess. The editing, the soundtrack, the unintentionally hilarious tension. I particularly liked how stripper Lindsay takes writer Lindsay's boyfriend up to her room right in front of her "mother" for a bout of kinky double amputee sex. Just to prove she's not who he thinks she is. Huh?

Oh, and they used the clever "try to borrow a condom from the FBI" ploy to sneak her out of the house. That one never gets old.

The only way I made it through this pile of crap was utter laziness and a bout of stomach flu/head cold. Maybe I was having fever related delusions. That would be a rational explanation.

I mean, they couldn't have made a movie this freaking bad. Or could they have? Hmm.


ajooja said...

I just can't make myself watch that movie. I watched Show Girls because I wanted to see Elizabeth Berkley naked.

I've already seen LiLo in the buff and I'm not impressed. :)

B.E. Earl said...

ajooja - she's a freckly mess. Nice ta tas, though. And Showgirls was hilarious with the added bonus of Gina Gershon nekkid.

Faiqa said...

Poor Lindsay. She should stick to the Disney flicks. Slutty heroine addict hits too close to home for suspension of disbelief to actually kick in.

Slyde said...

i must admit i have had notions of watching this so i could see LiLo's funbags...

maybe one day i'll sit thru it.

Trooper Thorn said...

Does it ever get to the point of being so bad, you can enjoy the comedic irony? Or does it take itself too seriously and remains painful?

Bruce said... sat through 2 hours of Lindsay Lohan.......and you can still see? I am impressed.